Your Mind is not an organ in your body. It does not manifest physically in your brain. Your heart controls it ? Or does your brain ? Or does the Mind control both.

The unending chain of thoughts churned out by the Mind, fed by your heart and brain, forms your emotions, your perceptions, your actions, and your reactions.

The Mind takes you from elation to despair, from positive to negative, from success to failure, from love to hatred, all in a matter of moments.

The Mind changes moments to lifetimes, and reduces lifetimes to instants.

The Mind drives you from sanity to insanity, and back again, till you don’t know where you belong.

The Mind feeds you its truth, and you form your lies.

The Mind – Playing Your Heart Against Your Brain – Changing the stakes whenever it wants.

You wish you could turn it off.

Look for The Mind Switch.