You meet people, you like some, you dislike some, and you are indifferent to most.

You acquire many friends, by choice. You are close to some, closer to a few more, closest to one.

That one person whom you choose to be with you to the end of your walk of life is The #Friend. And I am not talking of your partner or spouse. People say if your spouse is your best friend you are the luckiest.

I think not.

The #Friend is one who is closest to you yet distanced enough to see the whole picture. If you stand too close to a wall you cannot see how high it is. The same is with life and people. A little distance is necessary for the right perspective, and closeness is required to be able to tell you sometimes what you want to hear, mostly what you don’t want to hear, but need to be told. You give him the right to transcend that boundary which others aren’t allowed to cross. You share your sadness and your sorrows, and your moments of lightheartedness, you entrust him with the knowledge of your fears and your failures, as an external storage of your own mind.

You live the drudgery of your life, and he his, and somewhere notes are exchanged, and escapes are made through his experiences and yours, lessons are learnt, without the mistakes being repeated, insights are gathered, without the pain being relived again.

You do not know him completely and neither he you. You do not even know yourself completely. Your desires, your aspirations, your wants, your needs keep shifting with every milestone achieved. You need him, sometimes to walk with you till some of them, sometimes to be waiting for you at them, and sometimes pointing you the way to the next one. You walk with to some, leave him behind at some, and wait for him at some

Sometimes you should not look for meaning in every person you meet, and when you say meet, it doesn’t have to be physically. You may not have shaken hands, sat across a table, shared an evening over a cup of coffee across the table from each other, but you may know him better than all the people and he you.

Throughout our life, you meet people, and of the 7 odd billion in this world and if it’s only a few that you cross paths with, and even fewer you bond with, there must be a reason.  It must be the Universe’s way of telling you that he needs to be in your life and you in his. You are his window, and he is your mirror.

You just #Connect, without knowing; #Trust, without doubting and #Click, without effort.

The ultimate choice is always yours.