Life begins at birth and so does the decay. The creation of life is only in the womb. The moment one comes in this world the process of death starts. With every passing day the body begins its long slow journey towards its ultimate goal Death. Seems that the purpose of Life is only death. The long gap in between is filled in with dreams, struggles, egos, emotions and so many more things which make you forget and make you fear the ultimate goal Death itself, so much so that you all live in denial, as if death is something which happens to someone else. You start to believe in the fallacy of immortality, like that eventuality will not hit you in the foreseeable future. The time between the arrival into this world and the departure is consumed with things which at the end do not matter. Everybody wants to leave his mark on the world, with rare people trying to make this journey meaningful for themselves. And if you really look at it, the people who did leave a mark on the world, were those who went about trying to figure out this journey and trying to make it meaningful for themselves. Selfish outlook? Is it? Think of it, you come into this world alone, you leave this world alone, you live alone in your mind where no one else can get a peep. You keep seeking companionship at all stages and in all aspects throughout this journey, which actually you are in alone, by yourself.

Selfishness abounds everywhere, the difference being most seek what isn’t within. Be selfish and seek what is within. the world will turn out a much better place.

Till then continue living in installments, one day at a time, till you reach the ultimate goal of your journey. Death.