That was Lewis Carol about 150 years back. Not much has changed since she said it through Alice. The world as we see it today is Sensibly nonsensical. Godmen amass wealth in the name of Religion & God, while millions suffer in poverty across the globe. Politicians chosen by the people, for the people and of the people, loot and plunder the very people whom they are supposed to represent for their good. World over, people are running scared, and scarred. Some leave their homes in hope a better life in alien lands, some never leave their home, scared that they may loose whatever they have. Countries are waging wars to make peace, Tyrants are being toppled to make banana republics where erstwhile kins battle for power, with which they will do God knows what. Some have too much that they know not what to do. Preparing to make trips to space, while the earth we belong to burns down.

No, mine is not a political tirade, socialist agenda or any such activism. My neanderthal brain is simply unable to grasp the SENSE amidst all the NONSENSE. So, when you cant beat them, join them. And that is what this Blog is about. Adding some for Nonsense, but sensibly.